I am a nigerian poem

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i am a nigerian poem

I Am Nigerian You Might Be Too by Sayo Okpaise

Sayo Okpaise uses narrative prose and poems to unpack societal issues in Nigeria, such as sexism (specifically the issue of women being encouraged to aspire to marriage as a life goal), ageism, elitism, and the negative impacts of making life decisions based solely on money. She details her personal challenges in finding herself and pursuing her passion, while coming to realise that the standards within her community do not have to dictate her life goals or her aspired level of success.
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Published 06.01.2019

A poem about Nigeria

I enjoyed the read of this mystical land. Add to list.
Sayo Okpaise

I AM A NIGERIAN (Poem by Nkiru Asika)

The poem portray the beauty and glory of Nigeria and resilience of Nigerians. Listen, be inspired and get connected to Nigeria. I am a Nigerian. I am one in 5 Africans. I am one in 8 Black people, anywhere in the world.

Kalahari Review

It has been sent to me several times, both in video and in text form as Author Unknown. - Writer Chinua Achebe was born in the village of Ogidi in eastern Nigeria.

Author: The Africa Archive. Video Credits: The Africa Archive. We believe in togetherness, and we believe with small steps at a time, we can make Nigeria truly great again by encouraging every one of us to participate in social change. Oh yeah twitter. Tech your reach. Click bit. NewProfilePic pic.

In the heart of Nigeria, shines a light that was born from the wombs of Mother Africa. The sense of Hope and Faith. He is passionate about Writing and Drama. Emmanuel finds great pleasure in impacting lives of African children and youths. He desires to be an African leader , a resource person and an outstanding movie producer in the near future. I am confused… I am fed up… How I wish papa could give this a stop Though Mama tries and so hard Having us just a meal per day, Oh how sad For good clothings and shelter, I doubt if we will ever come across I doubt tide ever helps carry this heavy cross Well, this is our fate Is there anything to celebrate?

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  1. I am a Nigerian. Nigeria is my country and my fatherland. I am not just a Nigerian, but a patriotic and proudly Nigerian. I had ever been a.

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