New york times best sellers mystery 2013

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new york times best sellers mystery 2013

2013 NY Times Best-Sellers - Fiction (147 books)

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Published 05.01.2019

The New York Times Announces the 10 Best Books of 2018.

One for the Road

Henning Mankell makes it clear that his brilliant if chronically depressed Swedish detective, Kurt Wallander, has solved his last case. Although it accounts for his perpetual mood of despair, that insight also makes him a hero for this age of anxiety. The big question: Can Pelecanos keep his young hero from flaming out? View all New York Times newsletters. The criminal mistreatment of children is also the focus of the Danish thriller, which follows the efforts of a nurse to identify the 3-year-old boy she rescues at the Copenhagen train station. This prince of a fellow made a killing pimping and working the black market as an Army quartermaster in Rome during World War II.

By Richard Montanari. One of them is named lead detective on two long-unsolved murders that seem to have inspired a new round of grotesque and seemingly random killings. By Dan Fesperman. On his first day on the job, a freshly minted police detective is assigned to fish a corpse out of the Hudson, the ninth floater that week and one of some a year. A more civilized sensibility survives in the old, frail man on the Lower East Side who charges a modest fee to write letters for illiterate clients frantic for news of their relatives back home in Eastern Europe.

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That was pretty much my attitude toward audio mysteries until someone made me a judge in an awards competition for mysteries on tape. Tape being the quaint technology whereby books were recorded back then, when listening to a lengthy unabridged novel meant lugging around stacks of cassettes that tended to crack open and spill their guts when dropped., By Joyce Carol Oates.

Like his other crime novels set in blue-collar Washington neighborhoods, this one has a strong father-son dynamic and a stern message about the generational cycles of urban crime. But Pelecanos takes an unusually tender approach to the two families in his novel, one black and one white, and extends them the rare hope of redemption. But enough of the warm climates. This rugged environmental mystery, which unfolds in the middle of a blizzard, finds a ranger working on a research project at Isle Royale National Park, on the Canadian border, where a killer is hunting along with the wolves. Indoors, the best adventure is a devious intellectual puzzle. Cook allows a high school teacher to become carried away by a class project on the nature of evil.

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