Taha hussein pre islamic poetry

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taha hussein pre islamic poetry

Al-Shehab Arraassed by Muhammad Loutfi Goumah

In June 1926, A group of Al-Azhar scholars visited Goumah in his office asking him to sue Taha Hussein for writing his controersial book Pre-Islamic poetry, Goumah - who has not read the book - ordered a copy, and after reading what Taha Hussein has written and the philosophical argument he adopted in his book, Goumah refused to sue Hussein, but rather decided to write a book that defies Hussiens philosophical approach. The book whose name was derived for a quranic verse in surat Al-Jinn that may literally mean The monitoring Comet Pronounced Alshehab Arraassed became Goumahs most famous work.
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Islam Exposed 86 - Mu'allaqat Or Pre-Islamic Poetry

the language and style of pre-Islamic poetry, and argued that some poems were . 6) Immanuel Kopelewitz, Taha Husayn and the Revival of Egypt: Selections.
Muhammad Loutfi Goumah

Taha Hussein

Last Modified: 9th September It has been a source of faith and pride for Muslims over the centuries in that the Holy Qur'an is the preeminent word of the Almighty, inimitable in style and absolute in nature. This conviction is as strong for believers of today as it has been for believers of the past. As the tradition of truth is distinguished from falsehood, the authenticity of the Qur'an has been challenged today as it has been in the past. Though the petty points of criticism have changed over the years, the archetype has remained quite the same since the very beginning. Time and again, these issue has been put to rest, only to be exhumed by depraved charlatans.

Taha Hussein was one of the most influential 20th-century Egyptian writers and intellectuals, However, it was his book of literary criticism On Pre-Islamic Poetry (في الشعر الجاهلي) of that bought him some fame in the Arab world.
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Never Tell An Arab Poet Not To Write

In , millions of Egyptians huddled in front of their TVs to watch a series about the life of a blind man from a village in Upper Egypt who fought against poverty and ignorance to become a symbol of enlightenment in post-colonial Egypt: Taha Hussein. The Egyptian state television aired the series which was based on his autobiography Al-Ayyam The Days while Egypt was getting ready to participate in the International Year of Disabled Persons in For most Egyptians, Taha Hussein is simply a voice of our own. Born to a poor family in one of the least privileged territories of Egypt, his family sent him to a small local Quran school and then to Al-Azhar University hoping that one day he could make a living either by reciting the Quran or as a teacher. His legacy does not stop at his struggle with blindness. Egyptian parents usually present him as an example to their children: a poor boy born in who became the first to hold a PhD degree from Cairo University. After a vicious fight with his conservative educators, Hussein received a scholarship and obtained a second PhD degree from the Sorbonne in

This is evidence of its being a celestial book, as the Muslims claim, and consequently the Quraysh lost the challenge and thus believed that Muhammad was a Messenger from God, and entered into Islam. I shall in this study adopt the research method of modern scholars of science and philosophy. I wish to fashion in literature this philosophical methodology initiated by Descartes in searching for the truth of things, whereby the researcher divests himself of everything that he previously knew. He begins his study with a number of questions, for instance he says:. All of these were present in the Arabian Peninsula. So why do we not find in pre-Islamic poetry any reference to their religious customs in the pre-Islamic period?

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  1. In he was sent to al-Azhar seminary in Cairo , the leading Sunni centre of higher Islamic education , but he was soon at odds with its predominantly conservative authorities.

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