Why are golden lion tamarin monkeys endangered

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why are golden lion tamarin monkeys endangered

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

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Golden Lion Tamarins

A striking species, golden lion tamarins are small social South America primates with a magnificent reddish-gold coat and a long, backswept mane.
Amor Towles

Golden Lion Tamarin: An Endangered Amazon Rainforest Monkey

The golden lion tamarin Leontopithecus rosalia is a small New World monkey. The tamarin is easily identified by the reddish gold hair that frames its hairless face like a lion's mane. Also known as a golden marmoset, the golden lion tamarin is an endangered species. So far, the tamarins have been saved from extinction by captive breeding in zoos and reintroduction into their native habitat. However, the outlook for this species in the wild is grim. The most obvious characteristic of the golden lion tamarin is its colorful hair. The monkey's coat ranges from golden yellow to red-orange.

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If excited or frightened a golden lion tamarin raises its mane, bares its teeth and calls out with high-pitched shrieks. Golden lion tamarins have sharp nails. These nails help the monkey to move in and around and climb the trees easily. Golden lion tamarins will share their meals with others in the group, either offering bits to the others or letting others steal from them. Golden lion tamarin females usually give birth to twins. All the members of her group will help her to take care of the babies, but the dad helps the most.

Native to the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil , the golden lion tamarin is an endangered species. The golden lion tamarin gets its name from its bright reddish orange pelage and the extra long hairs around the face and ears which give it a distinctive mane. The bright orange fur of this species does not contain carotenoids , which commonly produce bright orange colors in nature. There is almost no size difference between males and females. As with all New World monkeys, the golden lion tamarin has tegulae , which are claw-like nails, instead of ungulae or flat nails found in all other primates, including humans. It may also move quadrupedally along the small branches, whether through walking, running, leaping or bounding.

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  1. Tiny, agile, and highly social, the golden lion tamarin has captivated people the world lands, and croplands are insurmountable barriers to these tiny monkeys. and focal point to encourage conservation of endangered coastal rain forest.

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