Dr mcdougall acne diet plan

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dr mcdougall acne diet plan

The Clear Skin Diet: The Six-Week Program for Beautiful Skin by Nina Nelson

From YouTube rising stars Nina and Randa Nelson comes the doctor-approved, clinically-tested, low-fat vegan diet that instantly and dramatically transformed their skin.

The Clear Skin Diet is the natural and safe solution to banish acne and remain acne-free for good. The vegan diet, developed by twin actors and social media stars Nina and Randa Nelson (whose careers and personal lives were nearly destroyed by out of control acne) teaches people how to naturally conquer acne once and for all.

Before they created The Clear Skin Diet, Nina and Randa and-tried nearly everything to deal with their acne-expensive facials, lotions, antibiotics, and other painful procedures. Several doctors told them their only hope for recovery was Accutane. So they decided to try to deal with their problem from the inside out-by changing their diet. Their dietary intervention worked, and there has been no stopping them since.

The girls now share the good news about how they achieved beautiful skin without drugs with millions of people across the world, many of whom write regularly with their own heart-warming success stories.

The recipes Nina and Randa created for The Clear Skin Diet are based on diets eaten by a variety of people around the world who have no acne in their society, such as Papua New Guinea, Eastern Paraguay, and rural South Africa. The food is healthy, starch-based, low-fat, inexpensive, and delicious. An acne solution and easy diet, all in one.
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Rice Diet CURES Most Diseases - McDougall

The Best Diet for Acne: A Q&A with Nina and Randa Nelson, Co-Authors of “The Clear Skin Diet”

November Vol. Standard dogma from your medical doctor is that your oily skin and acne have nothing to do with the foods you eat. Next time you hear this message, ask for the evidence. You will find this learned professional speechless and almost empty-handed , because this incorrect information dates back to a single article published by Dr. Furthermore, the results of this study have been justly criticized and effectively discounted for more than 25 years. Fulton studied 30 adolescents 14 girls and 16 boys attending an acne clinic and 35 young adult male prisoners with mild to moderate acne. The Chocolate Manufacturers Association of America provided the study with two kinds of candy bars — one with and one without chocolate.

By Jolia Sidona Allen , May 22, So everything just kind of went on hold. And forget about dating. That was the last thing we would do. We even stopped making YouTube videos.

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After sailing through high school with barely a blemish in sight, twin sisters Nina and Randa Nelson couldn't understand why their skin went downhill as they entered their 20s. The vegan advocates, who live in Los Angeles and have more than , followers on their YouTube channel, said their whole lives were turned upside down — and their acting ambitions put on hold — when their skin flared up with severe, cystic acne. I just didn't want to talk to anyone. The Nelson twins, who live in Chatsworth, California, described their acne as both physically and emotionally painful. After going on antibiotics for a year, the now year-olds say their acne would often come back far worse after finishing a round of medication.

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  1. Eighty-five percent of all teen-agers have acne at some time, and for many people the skin trouble continues into adult life.

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