New kindle paperwhite vs kindle touch

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new kindle paperwhite vs kindle touch

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Published 04.01.2019

Kindle Fire vs Kindle Paperwhite

What is the difference between Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Amazon Kindle Touch? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the e-reader.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite vs Amazon Kindle Touch

In the beginning, buying an ebook reader was a simple job. There were two models: the Wi-Fi Kindle and the 3G Kindle, and they were effectively identical aside from offering different levels of connectivity. These days, however, the choice of Kindles is more complicated — there are three different models at three very different prices. The Kindle Paperwhite sits between the two, but there are multiple different configurations for each model as well. The Kindle Voyage , at one point the most luxurious Kindle offered by Amazon, has now been discontinued. If you're confused as to which Kindle to go for, we've helped you make the decision by comparing all Amazon's e-readers below. All of Amazon's Kindle ebook readers share a handful of core features.

- Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis?

The Kindle reader is one of the most popular choices for ebook reading, letting you read your favourite books on a digital device, without the drawbacks that come with using a tablet or smartphone. Not only is the Kindle power efficient, but it's connected meaning you can easily download new books - and incredibly easy to use with seamless integration with your Amazon account. The real decision is which model you should buy, with some potential savings expected when Prime Day hits see UK deals or US deals. Here's how they break down. The basic Kindle comes with the advantage of being the cheapest of the lot, but it's now no longer sold by Amazon direct, even if some third-party sellers still offer it.

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