Metal gear sons of liberty

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metal gear sons of liberty

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty by Raymond Benson


In a torrential downpour, former FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake stands on the George Washington Bridge–ready to launch himself onto the deck of the U.S.S. Discovery as it passes below. Inside Discovery is a new generation of Metal Gear. But in the next hour, Snake’s world explodes.

Two years later, a young, unproven agent code-named Raiden must penetrate the mystery of what went so insanely wrong that night.

In a labyrinthine superstructure in New York Harbor known as the Big Shell, enemies, allies, secret agents, and double-dealers converge: Russian commandos, a cyber Vamp, a long-legged, leather-clad, rifle-bearing beauty named Fortune, a deformed, finely manicured bomber called Fatman, and a mysterious Mister X. Somewhere in the maze, as well, is the president himself–his biometrics coded to a bomb that can take out Manhattan, his loyalties unknown. Now the rookie Raiden is fighting his way to one discovery after another, including the rebirth of Solid Snake himself and a nightmare organization with a history, a plan, and a terrifying superweapon hidden in plain sight.
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Metal Gear Solid 2 - Intro [HD]

‘Metal Gear Solid 2’ Was the Game That Ended My Years As a Fanboy

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The Sons of Liberty were a terrorist group led by Solidus Snake in On April 29, , the Sons of Liberty took control of the Big Shell offshore oil cleanup facility off the coast of Manhattan. After assuming command of the facility, they appropriated the secretly-developed Arsenal Gear warship and its artificial intelligence program GW. Solidus planned to decode GW in order to discover the Patriots ' identities and launch a nuclear weapon in the skies above Manhattan, thus causing a gigantic electromagnetic pulse — effectively "unplugging" Manhattan and leading it to become a free republic. However, the entire plan was being manipulated by the Patriots' intervention through their agent, Revolver Ocelot. Solidus allegedly demanded a massive ransom, or he would detonate the Shell and therefore horribly contaminate the ecosystem beyond immediate repair. Special forces agent Raiden was sent in to thwart the plot.

If it's fair to say that Metal Gear Solid arrived on UK shores on a wave of hype back in early — and it is —then it's also fair to say that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty , released three years later, arrived on a tsunami of the stuff. The original had come somewhat out of nowhere: a surprise that became a media darling that became a sales phenomenon, despite the stupid name. The second had no such luxury. Instead, Metal Gear Solid 2 was an event. It didn't have a release window, it had a fucking D-Day: a global countdown of breathless excitement and sophisticated marketing, backed by a games press ready to lap it all up and spew it back out.

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It is the fourth game in the Metal Gear series produced and directed by Kojima and is the direct sequel of Metal Gear Solid. - The story revolves around the "Big Shell," a massive offshore clean-up facility seized by a group of terrorists who call themselves the "Sons of Liberty. The motives and identities of many of the antagonists and allies change throughout the course of the game, as the protagonists discover a world-shaking conspiracy constructed by a powerful organization known as the Patriots.

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