I before e except after c word list

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i before e except after c word list

I Before E (Except After C): Old-School Ways to Remember Stuff by Judy Parkinson

Ever find yourself struggling to remember simple facts and rules? Is the ever increasing pace of life and glut of information challenging your memory? I Before E (Except After C) is full of memory aids to help you out. From well-known rhymes such as the popular Thirty days hath September, April, June and November, memorable sayings including Spring forward, fall back, and mnemonics such as Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain, to a selection of more modern methods of boosting ones failing memory. I Before E is the definitive guide to help you to unjumble your mind and improve your ability to recall names, dates, facts, figures and events, and contains all the mnemonics youll ever need to know.
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Everyday Grammar: I Before E Except After C

If one is not sure whether a word is spelled with the sequence ei or ie , the rhyme suggests that the correct order is ie unless the preceding letter is c , in which case it is ei. For example:. The rule is very well known; Edward Carney calls it "this supreme, and for many people solitary, spelling rule".
Judy Parkinson

'I before e, except after c' - 20 words following the rule and exceptions - 3 worksheets

Here is the Simple Rule for E words only! And there are a few E-I words that are sometimes sounded like E and sometimes not. Or when a prefix or suffix implies E-I. The E-I exceptions are: albeit, neither, counterfeit, either, foreign, geisha, forfeit, heifer, herein, keister, leisure, peignoir, reveille, seize, sheik, sovereign, surfeit, therein, weir, weird, wherein [and variants like foreigner, forfeiture, seizure, sheikdom, weirdo, weirder]. The rare ones are: ceinture, enceinte, mullein, teiid, and villein. Of these, albeit, herein, therein and wherein are not digraphs so fool no one. Here is a fairly complete list of E-I order due to prefix or suffix up to 10 letters :.

There was a mini-fuss about spelling in the British media last week because of a guide, Support For Spelling , that was distributed by the British government to 13, primary schools as part of its national strategy for schools. Out of pages of useful suggestions, just one raised hackles. This famous rule has been taught to generations of schoolchildren. It is as firmly fixed in the minds of English speakers as any maxim can be. Advocates for various entrenched opinions rushed to comment. Those in favour of spelling reform were delighted because it seemed to support their position. An English lecturer seemed to argue that if this rule were abolished we would be left with no rules at all and that English spelling would become anarchy.

When It’s Wrong

As with all rules in English, however, there are exceptions. Three that immediately come to mind are w ei rd , w ei ght , and th ei r. Excellent, Sarah! Thanks for the addition to the rule as I learned it. I have always wanted the entire poem to teach to my children. Does anyone know it? Thanks, Dot.

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  1. Study the word list: i before e except after c. Learn about the words: i before e except after c using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, spelling games, spelling tests.

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