Norra mexican 1000 live tracking

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norra mexican 1000 live tracking

BAJA LOCO: 4 Racing Days & Tequila Nights on the NORRA Mexican 1000 by Rico Austin

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Published 04.01.2019

2017 Norra Mexican 1000

NORRA, National Off Road Racing Association. Home of the Mexican Rally . NORRA Live. Click here to see our Facebook Fan Page for other videos.
Rico Austin

2018 NORRA Mexican 1000 Live Video

I nervously shake my head. Problem is, my rally navigating nous extends to exactly zilch, and flicking though the course book I find six more triple exclamation marks in the first few pages. First, some history. The Mexico was actually the original race down Baja. Conceived by a chap named Ed Pearlman back in the late Sixties, he wanted to prove to legendary Hollywood stuntmen Bud Ekins and Eddie Mulder that four wheels were better at smashing it down this scorched and rugged peninsula than two. This happened annually, until SCORE another race organiser took control of the event in and cultivated it into what we now call the Baja But in , wanting to inject some fun back into the now very serious and corporate world of off-road racing, Mike Pearlman — son of Ed — put some sticky defibrillator pads on the deceased NORRA Mexico and brought it back to life.

The 1, mile on and off-road rally will showcase the new capabilities of the cutting-edge technology contained within the DRS Series dashcam.
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With all the action both on and off the track throughout this incredibly fun and exciting 5 day rally being captured by the very tech savvy and talented staff from Satellite Phone Store the coverage will be second too none. Osiris Arguelles of Satellite Phone Store stated that the amount of new technology being brought to the Mexican Rally is outrageous!! The Caballo del Diablo team will be streaming live from their Ford Bronco during the race when they have strong enough cell coverage. Check it out on the Method Race Wheels Facebook page. These dashcameras have the ability to LiveStream to Facebook when cellular signal is available. The cellular signal in Baja California is strongest in the cities where most of the daily starting stages are and several transition stages in the larger towns.

To accommodate the return process, RacingTraX personnel will be stationed on site at the finish line. In the event you do not finish the race and are unable to return the device at such time, you are still responsible for the safe and timely return of the device and for any outstanding charges for personal messages. If the RacingTraX Device is damaged but not destroyed, you will be only charged for the repairs. For more information please review our Return Policy. Note: Mounting Brackets and Wiring Harnesses are no longer shipping. If you plan on renting more than one device, enter multiple Driver Names and Team Numbers. Team Information on the Map and Leaderboard will appear exactly as typed below.

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