Hawaiian bible john 3 16

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hawaiian bible john 3 16

Da Jesus Book: Hawaii Pidgin New Testament by Anonymous

Island pidgin speakers now have an easier-to-understand alternative of reading the Bible. Da Jesus Book, a translation of the New Testament into pidgin.

The soft-cover book was published by Wycliffe Bible Translators, the worlds largest organization involved in translating the Scriptures into languages of tribal people. Retired Cornell University linguistics professor Joseph Grimes enlisted 26 pidgin speakers in the 12-year translation effort, which had its first fruit in the 1997 publication of the Gospel of Matthew.tthew.

The seed for the book was planted in 1986 while Grimes was here on a teaching sabbatical at the University of Hawaii. He and his wife, Barbara, also a linguist and editor of the Ethnologue, an index of the worlds 6,800-plus languages, had participated as consultants on Wycliffe projects in Asia, Africa and South America and had completed a Bible in the Huichol Indian language in Mexico. He retired after 23 years at Cornell, and they moved to Makaha 11 years ago to dedicate time to the pidgin product. The consultants translated, consulted with Grimes, reviewed and revised each others work in hundreds of talk story sessions over the years. - Excerpted from Read the Bible, li dat by Mary Adamski of The Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

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The Rizers- John 3:16 (For God So Loved The World)


Kapeila Shedi bi tani amongem airupe ayangkane seko Jisume arope mingke suyedi bi nyokmadope idakla turyar namem paadope emla bi agike Oo atelem bingumsuto. Po, Perendia aq shume e deshi boten, saqe e dha Birin e tij te vetem, qe te mos humbase kushdo qe beson ne te, por te kete jeten e perjetshme. Dahpa vadote, Asapavan tuwng doltipam to unsah lopah nu, tutuwng vachara pasalsang to penu, tutuwng aku pajoso ama piidun tento itom inema ihringna to iphana hrangpa. Bik'ehgo'ihi'nan ni'gosdzan bika' nnee dazho bil daanzhoohii bigha biYe' dala'ahi yaa yinltii, aik'ehgo dahadin bosdlaadihii doo da'ilii hileeh da, aida' ihi'naa doo ngonel'aa dahii yee hinaa doleel. Lane ekja ahb Alle aloalm hti bjl abne aluhid lki la ielk kl mn iumn be bl tkun le alhiat alabdit. Ekna gir ahb Alea lolma, aikna dlbre ihidia ntl, dkl mn dmeimn be, la nabd, ala neuun le hia dlolm. Cbb edka muhbla Alea lolma, daki dlbrune ihidia iebla, dkl mn demn bie la tlq, ala eui le hia dlabd.

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From Da Bible. God He get love an aloha fo us guys: "God like do plenny fo you guys, cuz dass how he stay. He like hemo you guys from da bad kine stuff you guys stay in, if you guys trus God strait out. No mo notting you guys can do by yoaself. God make lidis fo you guys.

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John 3:16 (a famous Bible verse)

The rest of the New Testament was translated in , the Old Testament was translated in , and the translation was revised in As the Kingdom of Hawaii was toppled in the overthrow and became a United States territory, the Hawaiian language became less important and was spoken less. However, in the second half of the 20th century , there was a Hawaiian language revitalization in which people became more interested in the native language, and more parents started to send their children to Hawaiian language immersion schools, such as Kamehameha Schools. The modern Hawaiian Pidgin English is to be distinguished from the indigenous Hawaiian language , which is still spoken. An Old Testament translation is in progress. The book is pages long, and was published by Wycliffe Bible Translators in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.



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