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super smash bros 4 rating

The Secret to Getting Good at Super Smash Bros. by Carlos Zambrano

Who else wants to know the secret to Super Smash Bros.?

The Secret To Getting Good At Super Smash Bros. is the book you need that will help you win more in friendly games or tournament sets alike. If youre a grizzled veteran or a newcomer this book will help you either way and serve as a reference tool to take your game to the next level. When playing Super Smash Bros. its difficult to know what youre doing wrong if you dont know its wrong to begin with so let me show you what Ive learned in all the years Ive played Smash Bros.

Whether its Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Melee, Brawl or Smash 4 this book will give you an inside look of what its like to play a game professionally as the author was a Super Smash Brothers Brawl MLG pro during the 2010 season West Coast captain at Genesis 2, and a fixture in the Southern California power rankings along with people like MikeHaze, Larry Lurr, Tyrant, Rich Brown, and Tearbear.

In The Secret To Getting Good At Super Smash Bros. you will see:

-What the very first thing you need to learn to understand Smash Bros. -Numerous examples to solidify the concepts in the book. -Show you one way of thinking about Smash that could expand your gameplay. -and much more.

About The Author

Growing up I was the best among my friends in video games, Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, FIFA, you name it and I dominated my friends. Fast forward many years to where I signed up to play a game in a tournament . These guys wont know what hit them as I rubbed my hands together flirting with the idea of winning my first tournament and start a dominance here. As the day ended lets just say the only thing leaving the venue intact was love for video games, my ego on the other hand was shattered.

What do these people do differently that I dont do? I asked myself.

It took me countless hours to truly develop the one fundamental that set me apart from other players and this book was my passion to write. Let me help you at least get started so you dont go in thinking youre the next Mango, Zero, or Mew2King before you even start your Smash journey. They all had their starts so lets get started on yours...

Start your journey to develop yourself in the tournament player youre meant to be. Scroll up and hit the buy button now.
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Parent reviews for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

My children were surprised that I let them play Super Smash Bros. Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Do you understand it? The need to standardize things almost always leads to a kind of rigidity that necessarily ignores the fuzzy ambiguity of real life. Instead, I advocate again and again that parents should be playing video games with their kids and making their own informed decisions accordingly. Or, if you really need advice, I recommend you consult the Common Sense Media ratings and reviews which include detailed information that will help you decide what matters to your family.

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Super Smash Bros. Like the rest of the Super Smash Bros. The games are crossover titles that feature characters, items, music, and stages from various Nintendo franchises, as well as from several third-party franchises. The games began development in and were officially announced at E3 The gameplay was tuned to be between that of the faster, more competition-oriented Super Smash Bros. Melee and the slower, more casual-friendly Super Smash Bros. New features include having up to eight players fighting at a time on the Wii U version, support for Nintendo's line of Amiibo , using custom Miis as playable fighters, post-release downloadable content including additional fighters and stages, and customizable special moves.

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  1. This is a fighting game in which players engage in brawls with characters from a variety of Nintendo franchises. Players punch, kick, and use power-ups (e.

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