Bodie california ghost town curse

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bodie california ghost town curse

Bodie: The Town That Belongs to Ghosts by Kevin Blake

In 1880, citizens of Bodie, California, crowded onto Main Street to celebrate the Fourth of July. Among them were prospectors, miners, gamblers, and even gunfighters. They had all come to this dusty, remote spot in the mountains for one reasonto find gold. Within fifty years, however, the towns Main Street would be abandoned and filled with a ghostly silence. Where did everyone go? What happened to the once thriving town? Bodie: The Town That Belongs to Ghosts tells the amazing but true story of a once bustling gold-mining town that was suddenly abandoned. The captivating stories include the tale of Bodies founder and the discovery of gold, as well as colorful accounts of real-life characters who once prowled Bodies streets, such as Mike Man Eater McGowan, the baddest man in town. Large color photos, maps, and fact boxes enrich the exciting stories of saloon shootouts and grave robbers. Written in narrative format, this book is sure to keep readers hungry for more exciting real-life tales.
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S3 E4: Ghost Towns


Back to the California Haunted Index. Over the years, Tom and I have visited the ghost town of Bodie. When we turned off the highway onto the dirt road, it felt like we were traveling back in time. The first thing the visitor sees on the left is the old graveyard, up on a hill. Then, what is left of a genuine California gold-mining ghost town, Bodie, comes into view straight ahead and on the right.

It became a boom town in and following years, after the discovery of a profitable line of gold, and suddenly attracted several thousand residents. Also registered as a California Historical Landmark , [2] the ghost town officially was established as Bodie State Historic Park in It receives about , visitors yearly. Bodie began as a mining camp of little note following the discovery of gold in by a group of prospectors, including W. McClinton, the district's name was changed from "Bodey," "Body," and a few other phonetic variations, to "Bodie," after a painter in the nearby boomtown of Aurora , lettered a sign "Bodie Stables".

Welcome to Bodie Historic Park , one of the country's largest and best preserved ghost towns! Walking the abandoned streets, it's hard to imagine that this place once looked like a cliched version of a Western-- outlaws bursting into saloons, gnarled prospectors gambling away their fortunes, shootouts in the streets, and more The town begins its story in as a simple mining camp after a group of prospectors struck gold. It was named for one of these men, W. Bodey the corrupted spelling came from a signmaker who accidentally lettered a sign "Bodie Stables" but Bodey never got to live there while it was a proper settlement-- he died in a blizzard about a year later while making a supply trip. While Bodie was a boomtown, it never really found the success that nearby gold rush towns like Virginia City and Aurora had.

The Curse of Bodie: Legacy of Ghost-Town Ghosts?

Bodie, California: The Curse and Ghost Stories of a Real Ghost Town

Misfortune and tragedy are heaped upon the victim until the stolen item is returned. According to Park Rangers, many who have taken things eventually return them to the park to rid themselves of this curse. Purportedly, the park maintains a log book of pages and pages of returned items. In the museum, you can see the letters from people who have returned items to the park. The curse is supposedly perpetrated by the ghosts of Bodie who guard against thieves and protect its treasures. The J. Cain house at the corner of Green and Park streets is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Chinese maid.

Bodie is a testament to the wild rush of the West. Located in California and discovered by W. Body in The spelling of the gold rush boomtown was later changed to Bodie is order to avoid mispronunciations. The gold ore mined in Bodie would eventually account for over 30 million dollars in gold alone.

In the United States society is very different from here in Europe. Deep in the Californian desert is a decaying ghost town from a distant era. Walking through the town can feel like a journey through time. But to do so might put you at risk. You see, this ghost town is not only said to be haunted but also cursed. This is the story of that town and the curse that plagues it. In gold was discovered in California.

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