Drive by faith not by sight

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drive by faith not by sight

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight by Nick Nichols

Sitting there at her sewing machine, my wife gave me her attention as I came into the room saying, Well, Ive got our road trip mapped out; it should only take three months, through three countries, and around 15,000 miles. She stopped sewing, looked at me with her loving, caring eyes, and sweetly said loudly, Are you crazy! You cant be serious, we have three little children! But I WAS serious.

In 1987 my wife had quit her teaching job at a business university to stay home with our young children; I had quit my job as an environmental scientist with a state agency to strike out on my own as an environmental consultant, so for the time being, we were both jobless. Now, with time on my hands, I wanted to come up to speed on some current environmental issues, so my plan was to fly to an environmental conference in Tennessee and then fly to Washington, D.C. to discuss some energy ideas with a friend who had helped design the COMSAT satellite system, and then fly home.

Another travel plan developed, however, when my wife said, Im not working, and youre not working, so why dont we drive the trip and turn it into a family vacation.  So, sitting down with a map, I looked at driving from Columbus, Ohio, to Knoxville, Tennessee for the conference, and then realized we werent far from Macon, Georgia, where I had some relatives, and that wasnt far from Sarasota, Florida, where some of our good friends lived, and that wasnt far from West Palm Beach on the other side of Florida where my wife had some relatives, and traveling up the East Coast, we had more friends and relatives right up to Boston.

And since I was on a roll at that point, the plan just kept rolling along from Boston to Chicago, down to Little Rock, Arkansas, to the bottom of Texas, down to Mexico City continuing to Guatemala City, up the West coast of Mexico, into Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, up into British Columbia and across Canada, back into the States through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and finally……..back to Columbus, Ohio! 

Thats why . . . when I presented my travel plans to my wife and at this point she clearly saw that she got a whole lot more than what she had originally bargained for, and so reacted with, Are you crazy? One good friend with great concern said, Nick, I think youve gone off the deep end this time. My reaction was to go buy a twenty-year-old VW camper van!!

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Published 03.01.2019

Why You must Walk by Faith and not by Sight

Previous posts are at the end of the webpage. I look forward to seeing how it all works out, and will blog about that next time. About 2 hours into my drive the Lord laid on my heart one of the Houston CRs I had previously contacted, so I pulled over and called the CR leader for a 2nd time to see if she got my email and previous VM.
Nick Nichols

Drive by faith, not by sight

Never did I think that my life would be like it is now. I had a great paying job. Worked for some really wonderful doctors. Not were they only good doctors but amazing men who were mentors to me as well as my bosses. Two of them are the ones that led me on mission trips to El Salvador and then Uganda. I owned my own home, had my own car, could come and go as I pleased.

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It is not an aesthetic beauty or a material beauty, but it is the beauty that emanates from His character, from all that He is. The glory of God, which is manifested in all His attributes together, never passes away. It is eternal. But as you know, sin destroyed that perfect fellowship. It separated us from God and from his glory. And we are influenced by the world.

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I recently spent a week in Maine on vacation with my two sons and husband. This vacation was a way to hit the reset button for everyone.


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