Summer vacation poem in english

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summer vacation poem in english

What I Did on My Summer Vacation: 40 Funny Poems About Summer Adventures and Misadventures by Bruce Lansky

Another first for Bruce Lansky:  the first funny poetry book about summer vacation! It will entertain kids all summer, whether they’re away at camp, traveling cross country in a hybrid or staying home with a bookshelf full of good summer reading. 

What I Did on My Summer Vacation contains over 40 sidesplitting poems about summer vacation that cover everything from the much-anticipated last day of school to family road trips, wacky days at summer camp, learning how to swim, dizzying roller coaster rides at amusement parks, fun-filled days at the beach, and finally, the dreaded first day of school.  These hilarious poems written by Bruce Lansky, “The King of Giggle Poetry,” and his all-star gang of Giggle Poets are sure to make you count the days until summer vacation begins!
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Summer poems

Today is officially the first day of summer — I look out my window and see little patches of blue sky — I see my vegetable garden growing crazy fast with all the rain — I see our cats rolling on the warm gravel — I see our dog Molly sleeping in the shade. I am always happy to say hello to summer because I love swimming at the beach — eating summer fruit and veggies — wearing shorts and Tshirts — doing heaps of things outside. Thanks for ALL the wonderful summer poems.
Bruce Lansky

Summer Holidays

It's sumertime, School vacation has begun, Time for children to play, And have fun in the sun. Now the children Are out of school, There are trees to climb, Swimming in the pool. Time to spend With special friends. Seems they're on the go Until the days end. But when summer vacation Is finally through, It's time to hit the books And return to school. It is like my poem.

This website requires a browser feature called JavaScript. All modern browsers support JavaScript. Please see: How to enable JavaScript in your browser. The time has come for which student wait Holidays that they love and studying they hate. The times for making new friends in colony, not going to school saving from teachers tyranny. Cool drinks in summer to drink and have fun, while parents sit at home to the parks, the kids run Not listening to parents. Good in poetry writing!!!

Finally, summer has arrived. Fresh green leaves blow in the warm breeze, as I swim in the pool with eez. Schools out and there is some fun to be had. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Thunderstorms are a bonus, tornadoes are not. Hot dogs and hamburgers being grilled every night, or a nice picnic would be alright. Finally, summer has arrived, winter we have all survived.

Summer is the stuff of dreams. When adults sit at their desks, and children sit in school, they dream of summer.
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