Is idjit a bad word

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is idjit a bad word

Captain Hook Quotes (31 quotes)

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What is an idjit supernatural

After about 15 years of not reading Stephen King, I came across Dolores Claiborne in a second-hand bookshop and immediately bumped it to the upper reaches of my book mountain. It has one lexical feature that I want to mention here. No spoilers follow:. I expect they occur here and there around the English-speaking world. Wordnik aggregates several colloquial examples of both forms.

A person who is considered foolish or stupid. A person with profound intellectual disability having a mental age below three years and generally unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive. Switch to new thesaurus. One deficient in judgment and good sense: ass , fool , imbecile , jackass , mooncalf , moron , nincompoop , ninny , nitwit , simple , simpleton , softhead , tomfool.

We've so many words for idiot across our little island that you mightn't recognise them all, or even know just how insulting each word may be. To help Irish people better understand our own slang, and to educate anyone from abroad in need of an Irish dictionary, we've compiled all the words to call some stupid that we could think of and ranked them in order of their offensiveness. Most often used as a term of endearment, we like to remind our nearest and dearest of their lack of intelligence. Used when you want to imply someone has the intellectual capacity of an animal, but apes are pretty clever for animals so you can't be that offended. Much like dope, this is often used as a term of endearment, though it can be made serious adding 'feck' to the sentence. Usually used in disbelief, when someone demonstrates such a lack of wit that you momentarily believe they might actually be a hollow musical instrument. A variation of the international insult 'tool', which compares a person to a blunt object.

It has become something of a catch phrase, and Bobby's use of it is imitated by Crowley in 6. Sam: It'd be just like when you turned the knife around on yourself.
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Top definition. Idjit unknown. When calling Sam and Dean idiots it referred to their stupidity or annoyance, whether it was when Sam would take a risky move that could have killed him or if dean was complaining about about cas sometimes destiel ; , spambot family in general. Bobby: balls! Why would you go into that best of vampires all by yourself? You could have gotten killed you idjit! Bobby: You idjit!

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