Tak power of juju walkthrough

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tak power of juju walkthrough

Tak and the Power of Juju by Scruffy Productions

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tak and the power of juju walkthrough part 1

Tak and the Power of Juju Walkthrough VideosTotal number of 2 videos by Roxas (). Title, Duration, Date. Episode 0: Let the Juju Flow, ( 08).
Scruffy Productions

Tak and the Power of Juju - Walkthrough

A Yorbel is a magical blue and purple orb that can be gathered and use for difficult Juju magic. In comparison to Tak's size, the orbs are fairly small in diameter, but seem bigger than Juju Powers. Yorbels are only visible to those who have been granted Juju Vision. These orbs made its first and only appearance as a collectible item in Tak and the Power of Juju , when Tak gathered a hundred Yorbels to resurrect Lok. In the first video game , Tak is sent by Jibolba to collect one hundred Magic Yorbels to perform a resurrection spell on Lok , who had recently been fatally crushed by a stampede of sheep.

In the crate is a rhino. Ride it into a gate, jump through a set of platforms, ride a Chicken blimp, and your there. To become a sheep, pick one up. The first three sheep on the first level are relatively easy to find. For the fourth sheep you must go all the way down the first vine you see after meeting flora, the moon juju's daughter.

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The Dark Temple is Tlaloc 's Fortress, and possible home. The level is full of several magic plants, and one massive magic plant. As Tak kills these plants, Tlaloc would turn Tak into an animal. Tak would have to find his way to the next tier, before Tlaloc defeats him. In the end, Tlaloc turns Flora into an Orangatang. Flora sends Tak into Tlaloc's big plant, where he gains mega power. Tak then uses his magic to turn Tlaloc into a Sheep.

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  1. Tak and the Power of Juju - Walkthrough . The walkthrough was re organized, all the Yorbels locations are in the Yorbels Walkthrough, the.

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