Raja ram mohan roy short biography

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raja ram mohan roy short biography

Biography of Raja Ram Mohan Roy: Social Reformer & Maker of Modern India by RPH Editorial Board

The Biography of Raja Ram Mohan Roy is the brief life sketch of the great social reformer who is also known as the Maker of Modern India.
Raja Ram Mohan Roy is regarded as one of the most important figures in the Bengal Renaissance. He engendered the Brahmo Samaj, an influential Indian socio-religious reform movement.
His remarkable influence was apparent in the field of politics, public administration and education as well as religion. He is best known for his efforts to abolish the practice of ‘Sati’ in India which was the practice in which the widow was compelled to sacrifice herself on her dead husband’s funeral pyre.
The inside pages consist of an enlightening account of the life of this great son of India who was born perhaps in the darkest age in Modern Indian history but brought light to millions of Indians who were living in the utter darkness of socio-religious bondages and backwardness.
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Raja Ram Mohan Roy : Early Life and Reforms

The country is paying tribute to this great social reformer and educationalist who also worked as the messenger for modern education in India during the British period. Roy was born on May 22, , in a Brahmin family in the village of Radhanagar near Krishnanagar in Hooghly district Bengal Presidency. His father, Ramkanta, was a Vaishnavite and mother, Tarinidevi, hailed from a Shivaite family. He did formal education from his village 'Pathshala', where he learned Bengali, Sanskrit and Persian. He also mastered in-depth knowledge of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. During his studies, he was influenced by western culture and education system.

Early life

Born in Radhanagore, West Bengal on May 22, , he is most well-known for his efforts to abolish the evil practice of sati. He founded the Brahmo Samaj in along with Dwarkanath Tagore. He initially worked as a moneylender and from to worked with the British East India Company. Though he campaigned vigorously against practices like Sati, idolatry and polygamy, he was not against tradition and religion. He was a scholar of the Upanishads. Besides, he campaigned for the right of widows to remarry, the right of women to hold property and the right of women to education.

He is sometimes called the father of modern India. He was born in British-ruled Bengal to a prosperous family of the Brahman class varna. Little is known of his early life and education , but he seems to have developed unorthodox religious ideas at an early age. As a youth, he traveled widely outside Bengal and mastered several languages— Sanskrit , Persian , Arabic , and English , in addition to his native Bengali and Hindi. Roy supported himself by moneylending, managing his small estates, and speculating in British East India Company bonds. In he was employed by John Digby, a lower company official who introduced him to Western culture and literature. Roy continued his religious studies throughout that period.

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