Woman kidnapped in cleveland ohio

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woman kidnapped in cleveland ohio

Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland by Amanda Berry

Two women kidnapped by infamous Cleveland school-bus driver Ariel Castro share the stories of their abductions, captivity, and dramatic escape
On May 6, 2013, Amanda Berry made headlines around the world when she fled a Cleveland home and called 911, saying: “Help me, I’m Amanda Berry. . . . I’ve been kidnapped, and I’ve been missing for ten years.”
A horrifying story rapidly unfolded. Ariel Castro, a local school bus driver, had separately lured Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight to his home, where he kept them chained. In the decade that followed, the three were raped, psychologically abused, and threatened with death. Berry had a daughter—Jocelyn—by their captor.
Drawing upon their recollections and the diary kept by Amanda Berry, Berry and Gina DeJesus describe a tale of unimaginable torment, and Pulitzer Prize–winning Washington Post reporters Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan interweave the events within Castro’s house with original reporting on efforts to find the missing girls. The full story behind the headlines—including details never previously released on Castro’s life and motivations—Hope is a harrowing yet inspiring chronicle of two women whose courage, ingenuity, and resourcefulness ultimately delivered them back to their lives and families.
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Cleveland Kidnap Victim Faces Her Abductor

It has been six years since Amanda Berry miraculously escaped from a boarded-up Cleveland home and called
Amanda Berry

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Five years after she and two other women escaped from the house of horrors in Cleveland where they had been held captive, nothing makes Michelle Knight happier than feeling the sun on her face. There were long stretches during the 11 years she was imprisoned by Ariel Castro in which Knight was chained to a pole in his basement and left alone in the darkness. He raped her repeatedly, police said, impregnating her five times and beating her so badly she miscarried each time. Now 37, Knight says she no longer has nightmares about Castro, who hanged himself in prison not long after his arrest. But she still lives at the edge of despair. Light fixtures with chain pulls.

Born on April 22, , and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Amanda Berry vanished one night right before turning She would reappear ten years later in May, , screaming for help from a house with her six-year-old daughter and making her way to freedom with the help of neighbors. Berry was allegedly held hostage along with two other women by Ariel Castro. Case details continue to be revealed. Amanda Berry was born on April 22, , and grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio area. As a teen, Berry had secured work at a local Burger King, but one night inexplicably vanished walking home from the job.

Castro kidnapped each of the women between and For years, the women endured unimaginable abuse, as they were chained, starved and tortured by Castro. But during their captivity, they held on to the conviction that their families would never give up on them. That faith helped bring them home. The two young women say they have since moved on with their lives. In an exclusive interview with Robin Roberts, Berry and DeJesus discussed what their lives were like in captivity and what they are like today. Just a day before her 17th birthday on April 21, , Amanda Berry got up and got ready for work.

CNN Here is a look at the kidnapping of three women in Cleveland and the case against now-deceased kidnapper Ariel Castro. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger.
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They were imprisoned until May 6, , when Berry escaped with her six-year-old daughter, to whom she had given birth while imprisoned, and contacted the police. On May 8, , Castro was charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. He was sentenced to life plus 1, years in prison without the possibility of parole. They settled in Reading, Pennsylvania , and then moved to Cleveland, Ohio , where Castro's father and other family members were living. Castro met his girlfriend Grimilda Figueroa when his family moved into a house across the street from hers in the s.

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  1. The Ariel Castro kidnappings took place between 20when Ariel Castro kidnapped Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Georgina "Gina" DeJesus and held them captive in his home in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. .. The Cleveland Courage Fund is a bank account set up to help the women in.

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