King of denmark christian vii

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king of denmark christian vii

Profile for Christian VII of Denmark from The Royal Physicians Visit (page 1)

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Princess Caroline Mathilde 'Calma' of Denmark

Christian VII (29 January – 13 March ) was a monarch of the House of Oldenburg who was King of Denmark–Norway and Duke of Schleswig and.
Per Olov Enquist

Caroline Matilda of Great Britain

The youngest and posthumous daughter of Frederick, Prince of Wales , by Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha , Caroline Matilda was raised in a secluded family atmosphere away from the royal court. At the age of fifteen, she was married to her first cousin, King Christian VII of Denmark and Norway , who suffered from a mental illness and was cold to his wife throughout the marriage. In , Struensee entered the service of the Danish king; initially Caroline Matilda treated him coldly, but he quickly won the Queen's heart and they began a love affair. Struensee gained more and more power and instituted a series of reforms that Caroline Matilda supported. Juliana Maria directed a plot to overthrow the lovers, which ended with the execution of Struensee and Caroline Matilda's divorce and banishment.

For his motto he chose: " Gloria ex amore patriae " "glory through love of the fatherland". Christian VII's reign was marked by mental illness and for most of his reign Christian was only nominally king. His half-brother Frederick was designated as regent of Denmark in He was baptized a few hours later the same day. A former heir to the throne, also named Christian, had died in infancy in ; therefore, hopes were high for the future of the new heir apparent. Christoph Willibald Gluck , then conductor of the royal opera troupe, composed the opera La Contesa dei Numi "The Contention of the Gods" , in which the Olympian Gods gather at the banks of the Great Belt and discuss who in particular should protect the new prince.

Struensee, and Louise Augusta, to whom she gave birth in , was most likely his daughter. After the fall of Struensee the next year, Caroline Mathilde was arrested and she confessed the adultery. The marriage to Christian VII was dissolved and she was deported. She spent the last years of her life in a castle in Celle, Germany. Caroline Mathilde was a tragic figure.

Christian VII of Denmark

Christian was christened two hours after his birth. His godparents were:. When Christian was not quite two years old, his mother Queen Louisa died at age 27 due to complications from a miscarriage. By all reports, Christian seemed to be an intelligent child and was taught in Danish, German and French. However, he had a nervous disposition and was poorly educated and terrorized by a brutal governor, Christian Ditlev Reventlow, Count of Reventlow. In , Christian succeeded to the Danish throne after the early death of his father at age Since there was a connection between the British and Danish royal families and both families were Protestant, it was natural that a British bride should be sought for Christian.



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  1. Officially, Danish king Christian VII ruled from until his death in , but for a large part of it, he was king in name only.

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