Haunted places in oakland ca

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haunted places in oakland ca

Americas Most Haunted: The Secrets of Famous Paranormal Places by Eric Olsen

Throughout the United States, there are places haunted by souls both malevolent and benign. Places where paranormal activity runs rampant. Places where we can glimpse the other side…

In America’s Most Haunted, “Haunted Housewife” investigator Theresa Argie and journalist Eric Olsen team up to take you on a first-person tour of some of America’s most active paranormal hotspots.

Experience the crawl through the death tunnel where visitors have reported sightings of an inhuman creature that creeps along the walls and ceilings. Walk the decks of the Queen Mary with the hundreds of souls that met their ends in watery graves. And get to know the spirits that wait in jails, mansions, lunatic asylums, and even a stately old hotel.

Combining spine-tingling stories, documented evidence, and interviews with some of the top names in paranormal investigation—including the stars of TV’s “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Adventures,” and more—America’s Most Haunted gives you a terrifying chance to tour our nation’s most famous haunted places.

Are you brave enough to take a look?
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Cohen-Bray House Paranormal Documentary

He was only a child, but he recalls thinking that it was different from the creaks and groans he had become accustomed to hearing in the old theater. I was down there, when I heard the sound of a heavy footstep, like a heel, and it went from one side of the stage to the other.
Eric Olsen

Haunted Bay Area

Glow Stick Fright Nights Nov. Each group gets one glow stick to hold as they walk through the pitch-black haunted house. Halloween Haunt : Friday-Sunday Sept. This theme park transforms into a haunted zone at night with haunted mazes, stage shows, scare zones and rides. Special passes allow visitors to proceed to the front of the line. Pirates of Emerson : Weekends through Nov. Check website for times; www.

Gilliland lives on the property. Ken Gilliland is reflected in a mirror while posing for a photograph inside the historic landmark Cohen-Bray House in Oakland, Calif. She sits on an overstuffed sofa amid babbling fountain fixtures with her gregarious black cat, Monster. Many folks think these occurrences are indeed the work of ghosts. He will blink table lamps and make knocking noises when her friends visit.

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Warning: Many of the locations listed may require permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities and trespassers will be prosecuted. Make sure you get permission to investigate. Trespassing is a crime. You could get arrested or worse, hurt. Be smart, courteous, and be legal. Many ghosts reported being seen by those who are caretakers of the old aircraft carrier.

Want to see a ghost this Halloween? Voted the most haunted attraction in the East Bay , this decommissioned naval aircraft carrier ship could be home to as many as 50 spirits. Dozens of witnesses have told tales of unexplained sounds, moving objects and encounters with officers and enlisted men who suddenly vanish. Could it have something to do with the fact that the Hornet earned nine battle stars during WWII, with lives lost? Spend the night if you dare. The eerie area of abandoned coal mines on Somersville Road in Antioch was named one of the seven most haunted sites in all of California.

The Bay Area is a fantastic place to go if you are in search of some interesting haunted locations. The entire area is full of reportedly haunted buildings and San Francisco in particular is a hotbed of the paranormal for some reason. The Moss Beach Distillery was built back in and it is known to have been a popular haunt of bootleggers, politicians and silent movie stars. The pair were walking on the beach one evening when they were attacked resulting in the death of the woman. Ever since her death the Distillery has been receiving strange phantom phone calls, people have seen doors lock on their own and small objects levitating.

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  1. Oakland, CA. It's the classic American ghost story: A woman dies in a tragic roadside accident, and on foggy nights she still wanders the nearby.

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