Shooting an elephant questions answers

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shooting an elephant questions answers

Shooting an Elephant — Reader Q&A

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Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell, Part-2 । বাংলা লেকচার - Autobiography - Imperialism - Prose

Shooting an Elephant Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Burma now Myanmar was the place where Orwell was located and the place was gained by the British in The elephant had gone mad and killed an Indian coolie. This story gives us the point of View of a white man, a colonial. It sensitively probes the subtle relationship between the colonizer whites and the colonized natives. About the Author: George Orwell — whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair was a noted British author, Journalist, novelist, a cultural commentator, and a noted essayist. His short life did not prevent him from producing many works Which are now considered masterpieces.

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To ask other readers questions about Shooting an Elephant , please sign up. Answered Questions 2. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Why did the Burmese hate the British? The Burmese disliked that imperialism and the British. How would you feel if …more The British owned the Indian Empire and therefore controlled the Burmese.

We have briefly discussed the structure of personal narratives: beginning, middle, and end. Each of these parts includes different aspects or characteristics of storytelling. For a reminder of these things click here. In one page, briefly outline your potential in-class comments on "Shooting an Elephant. In other words, in the beginning we have setting, character, and a statement of the problem, which I often read as a statement sometimes implicit of the writer's purpose or intention. So in Orwell's story be prepared to describe the setting, the characters or players, and the problem as you see it. Also consider the parts of the plot that fit into the middle and end.

What is the narrator's profession? The narrator is a citizen of what country? In this story, Burma is a colony of what empire?
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Type of Work. It first appeared in in the autumn issue of New Writing , published twice a year in London from to , George Orwell confronted an Asian elephant like this one in the story recounted for this lesson plan.

The environment of Burma had an impact on Orwell and his works. It remained an important influence throughout his literary career. Despite a strong anti European feeling among the natives making him feel guilty and bitter, the author could not help feeling for the helpless local people who did not have better means to express their anguish and disgust over imperial forces. Orwell felt a strong remorse and therefore resigned when he was in England on a leave. However, he continued to publish several literary pieces that showed his strong disgust against the imperial evil in Asia. The incident portrayed in the essay took place in Moulmein, now known as Mawlamyine.


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