Haunted cemeteries in southern california

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haunted cemeteries in southern california

Haunted Cemeteries: Creepy Crypts, Spine-Tingling Spirits, and Midnight Mayhem by Tom Ogden

Haunted Cemeteries exhumes more than two dozen stories of some of the most actively haunted graveyards from around the world—including the sordid account of a Florida grave robber, accusations of witchcraft and voodoo, and reports of a vampire or two.  Tom Ogden, author of four other books in the Haunted series, also includes a “Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Graveyards” providing information for readers who wish to visit the haunted cemeteries and other sites . . . if they dare.
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Hell's Gate -Corona California

Know of a Real Haunt that we don't already have listed?
Tom Ogden

The 13 Scariest Places in Los Angeles

Southern California always has been a place to suspend disbelief. As a long-time collector of local ghost stories and paranormal researcher, Thorne has researched many of the L. For Halloween, we asked Thorne to share some of her favorites. From an abandoned zoo to a taco stand, lonely lighthouses to an old Hollywood hotel, here she shares her observations of 13 haunted places in Southern California. There are thousands of tales and legends rooted in the Southland.

There has been inexplicable activity reported everywhere from lighthouses to historic buildings that were once the scene of violent crimes.
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Originally part of the sprawling Rancho San Jose land grant, the area was settled by lower class families escaping poverty and war in the American South. The town of Spadra was officially founded in By , Spadra had three stores, warehouses, blacksmiths, a school, and a post office. It was an important stage coach stop between Los Angeles and Yuma, Arizona. But the town had its share of drama, which included many mysterious deaths, suicides, and murders, which no doubt helped necessitate a community graveyard to service the town. In , Spadra pioneer rancher and developer Louis Phillips signed a contract with the Southern Pacific to build a railway line to Spadra.

Mondays-Wednesdays only. NO Whaley House offerings. Use promo code GGSD Known for its sunny disposition, beautiful cities, striking beaches, million dollar mansions and movie stars, it may be surprising to know that California also has a dark and eerie side. It may look like an ordinary, old-fashioned brick house, but the Whaley House is anything but. In its history, it served as the town courthouse, a general store, a theater, a morgue and a granary.

Scary haunted places in California include some highly unusual locations, such as amusement park rides, schools , cemeteries, and museums. You can visit many of these places yourself to try to catch a glimpse of a spirit or hear ghostly sounds. Northern California is strikingly different from the Southern part of the state. It's a much more natural setting where you can find cattle ranches and vineyards throughout, like the famous Napa Valley. The quiet country roads and isolated highways, such as U. Northern California is a natural cathedral where thousands of visitors come to relax and escape from life, and apparently many ghosts do as well. Coastal Living rated the Battery Point Lighthouse its 7th most haunted lighthouse in the country.

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  1. Movie stars, beaches and ghost stories. A visit to California's most haunted places is sure to make you think differently about this sunny state.

  2. 11 Most Haunted Places in Southern California. If there is one thing that Southern California is known for then it is probably a combination of near enough.

  3. There are certain places where dark, tragic history still hangs in the air, even generations after anything violent has taken place.

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