Having a midlife crisis at 30

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having a midlife crisis at 30

Midlife Crisis at 30 by Lia Macko

At the age of 30:
• Financial strategist and bestselling author Suze Orman was a waitress
• Former vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro was a stay-at-home mom
• Political strategist Mary Matalin was a first-year law student—and about to drop out
• CNN anchor Paula Zahn was unemployed

Midlife Crisis at 30 offers hope for many of today’s twenty- and thirty-somethings struggling with the unreasonable expectations that society and the media have placed on them. As a result of these powerful influences, many women blame themselves for not overcoming the very real obstacles to their fulfillment that still exist in American society. Raised to believe they could “have it all” in every part of their lives at a young age, these young women are exhausted, confused, and desperate to find the middle ground where they can enjoy full, well-rounded lives before it is too late.

Through the candid and revealing stories of the “New Girls Club,” a group of successful women, such as Geraldine Ferraro, Judy Blume, Susan Sarandon, and Denise Austin, who have solved the work/life/love puzzle, Midlife Crisis at 30 presents pragmatic strategies and realistic suggestions for young women everywhere.

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Light a spark: navigating the mid-life malaise - Patricia Katz - TEDxSaskatoon

I'm a few months from turning I know, most people I come across are like “oh you're still a baby, you don't know anything yet.” But I've seen.
Lia Macko

17 Signs You're Having a Midlife Crisis

But, if you are in your 30s and are most likely going through a tormenting time, you will only find a few posts that won't even begin to reflect the complexity of the life stage you are navigating. Why is that? There is no other time during your life when you'll feel more different than your peers and even your best friends. In my closest group of friends alone, there are single people as well as a couple with three kids, and they are all my age. What person am I supposed to relate to most? The fight between the rebel in you and the responsible version of yourself has never been more present.

I grew up a lot quicker than most people and I never thought my story is anything that could be told. I worked from home. I basically managed all my own time, my projects, and frankly, kicked a ton of ass at what I did. I was miserable. I had lost myself, any passion, all my drive, and all my focus. I hated what I was doing — hated the company, hated myself, hated my job.

How to Turn Your Crisis Into a Better Life

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