Inland explorers of australia list

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inland explorers of australia list

The Explorers: Stories of Discovery and Adventure from the Australian Frontier by Tim Flannery

A lively collection of extraordinary stories of adventure and discovery, The Explorers tells the epic saga of the conquest and settlement of Australia. Editor Tim Flannery selects sixty-seven accounts that convey the sense of wonder and discovery, along with the human dimensions of struggle and deprivation, which occurred in the exploration of the last continent to be fully mapped by Europeans. Beginning with the story of Dutch captain Willem Janzs 1606 expedition at Cape York -- the bloody outcome of which would sadly foreshadow future relations between colonists and Aboriginal peoples -- and running through Robyn Davidsons 1977 camelback ride through the desolate Outback deserts, The Explorers bristles with the enterprise that Flannery explains as heroic, for nowhere else did explorers face such an obdurate country.
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European land exploration of Australia

Australian Explorers, Discoverers and Pioneers. The First Fleet of ships from England arrived in Sydney in This represented the first European settlement of the continent, although aborigines had already been living in Australia for tens of thousand of years. For the first twenty-five years the new inhabitants were confined to the coastal strip around Sydney as no way could be found across the Blue Mountains, part of the Great Dividing Range which runs parallel to the east coast of Australia for almost the coast's entire length. When, in , a way across the Blue Mountains was found, a wave of inland exploration was unleashed which continued for the next fifty years. New areas were opened up for settlement and several expeditions were commissioned by the government and by private backers to ascertain whether an inland sea existed.

Burke and Wills were inexperienced explorers; Burke was a police investigator and Wills was a surveyor and meteorologist. Burke was chosen to lead the expedition across the inhospitable interior of Australia so that the state of Victoria could win the reward posted by the government of Australia for finding a north-south route. The government wanted to build a telegraph line from Adelaide to the northern coast of Australia. For more information, click here. Cook's first journey was from to , when he sailed to Tahiti in order to observe Venus as it passed between the Earth and the Sun in order to try to determine the distance between the Earth and the Sun.


European land exploration of Australia deals with the opening up of the interior of Australia to European settlement which occurred gradually throughout the colonial period, — A number of these explorers are very well known, such as Burke and Wills who are well known for their failed attempt to cross the interior of Australia, as well as Hamilton Hume and Charles Sturt. For many years, plans of westward expansion from Sydney were thwarted by the Great Dividing Range , a large range of mountains which shadows the east coast from the Queensland- New South Wales border to the south coast. The part of the range near Sydney is called the Blue Mountains. After numerous attempts to cross the mountains, Governor Philip Gidley King declared them to be impassable.

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