Hillary stole furniture from white house

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hillary stole furniture from white house

Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir by Dolly Kyle

You think you know Hillary and Bill Clinton pretty well. After all, they have been in the public eye—from Arkansas to the White House and beyond—for over forty years.

Dolly Kyle met former president Clinton (Billy as she calls him) on a Hot Springs golf course when she was eleven and he was almost thirteen. It was colpo de fulmine (the thunderbolt) at first sight. Their friendship grew throughout high school and college. It became a decades-long affair that lasted despite marriages and politics all the way to the threshold of the White House—when she became a political liability, and he threatened to destroy her, as Hillary had done to so many of his other women over the years. What you know about the Clintons is probably limited to the pleasantries that the mainstream media have chosen to share with you. Hillary the Other Woman pulls no punches in describing the way “media magic” makes Clinton stories disappear.

Have you heard about

The RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) federal lawsuit that Kyle filed against Clinton and cronies while he and co-president Hillary were in the White House?
The racial discrimination lawsuits filed by African-Americans against Clinton as governor of Arkansas?
Clinton’s orders for the Arkansas State Police to “stop and search” vehicles driven by Hispanics?
Thousands of young African-American men given long prison sentences under the “three strikes” laws pushed by co-presidents Bill and Hillary?
The co-president Clintons pandering to minorities with a subtle form of race baiting with their welfare agenda?
The racist names they call Jesse Jackson behind his back?

Hillary the Other Woman is not only about the politics of the Arkansas gubernatorial years and the famous “two for the price of one” presidency. It also provides a perspective on Arkansas life that formed the backdrop and training ground for the Clintons in their later crimes, their gangster-like threats and intimidation of political enemies, and their arrogant belief that they are above the law. You will see the connection between Hillary’s current email scandal and her shredding of documents when they left the Arkansas governor’s mansion.  You will realize that the Clinton Foundation is the new international version of the money laundering and bribes that you glossed over as “Cattlegate.” You will read clear, concise, entertaining accounts that put the multitude of Clinton scandals into everyday perspective. Finally, you will be privy to the Clinton “truth suppression” techniques that allowed them to get away with all of it.  Until now…
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Clinton White House Secrets Revealed!

The Clinton Furniture Flap

Furniture owned by the American taxpayer keeps disappearing when Hillary is in charge. As shown on page 44 of this FBI document , Hillary and her staff walked out with taxpayer-funded furniture and lamps and took them to her Georgetown home:. They received these items initially as gifts to the White House and the donors obviously expected that they remain there. Then White House chief usher Gary J. This week, they [Clinton] agreed to return another set of gifts that had been donated to the White House in earlier years, including six items they had not previously disclosed as having been taken.

When Bill Clinton finished his presidential term in , he was millions of dollars in the red, thanks to legal fees. While he and his wife Hillary came out of the White House "dead broke," as Hillary put it , their millions of dollars in debt were erased in , just three years later. The Clintons climbed out of the multimillion-dollar hole via paid speeches and lucrative books deals. Of course, the couple was in the unique position of being the Clintons. But anyone can use their debt repayment strategy and focus on earning, albeit on a smaller scale, and plenty of regular people have.

A: Yes. There was a controversy almost immediately after President Clinton left office over household items and gifts that the first couple took with them from the White House. Bush gave his inaugural address. On Feb. However, gifts from the public given directly to the White House are considered the property of the U.

H illary Clinton and her staff removed "lamps and furniture" from State Department offices and brought them to her home in the early months of her tenure, the FBI said in pages of notes made public Monday.
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Trump has Bill Clinton's past in his sights – how should Hillary respond?

Sign Up to receive Our Latest Updates! Homnick W hat is wrong with Hillary Clinton? When she left the White House and the new Bush administration scrubbed things down and inventoried the home, they found that the Clintons had stolen lots of furniture and other art.

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. The Clintons voluntarily returned or paid for some gifts due to a dispute over whether they had been given to the Clintons personally or to the U. Many of the gifts the Clintons are taking with them are from Hollywood figures, Democratic donors and a wide array of friends and associates, including his Georgetown University classmates. Most of the gifts are artworks, flatware, furniture, china and rugs for a couple who for nearly two decades have not had a home of their own but now suddenly have two large houses, one in Northwest Washington, the other in Chappaqua, N. As was pointed out at the time, the rules for U. Ultimately, the total worth of gifts returned by the Clintons to the U.

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  1. A recirculating rumor holds that Hillary Clinton was forced to return $ in furniture, china and art she stole from the White House.

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