Why is boston called beantown

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why is boston called beantown

The Beantown Girls by Jane Healey

Thanks to this book, I plan to learn more about the early history of the Red Cross. In 1944, three 25 year old best friends apply for and meet the rigorous demands to become Red Cross Clubmobile girls, whose job it is to help raise morale of the men fighting in the war. Fiona wants to make it to France because her fiance was shot down over Germany months ago and is missing in action. Becoming a Clubmobile girl will get her closer to her fiance, if he is still alive, and give her a chance to do something for the war effort, as she waits to hear any new about him.

First the trio has to learn to drive heavy vehicles, make donuts with the explosion prone donut machines, learn to maintain and repair vehicles, learn first aid and how to don gas masks and prove they can keep a smiling and happy demeanor for the shell shocked soldiers, no matter how they are feeling and how their day is going. Fiona, Viv, and Dottie have very distinct personalities and looks so its easy to follow their path through this time, along with the other Clubmobile girls they meet along the way. Through all of this, its necessary for Fiona to put aside her heartache and worry about the fate of her fiance and put the welfare of the men fighting the war, ahead of how she is feeling.

The sacrifices that these women make are incredible, even during a time when women couldnt be soldiers. These woman end up facing the fact of bombs being dropped all around them and living in tents, on K rations, so far from home, giving their all to help the men whove lived the horror of war. There are memorable side characters, both real and fictional and I especially liked reading about Mrs. Tibbetts, whose three sons were at war while she opened her home to Clubmobile girls. Then there is Jimmy English, who has already lost so much in this war but still serves, as a driver and helper to the Clubgirls. The book is both funny and sad and Im so glad to have learned about these brave women who gave their all to help others during the war.

Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC. I also won a copy from the Goodreads Giveaway :-)
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Retracing American history in Boston, Massachusetts

Why is Boston Called “Beantown”?

By Kim Knox Beckius. Ever wonder why Boston is called Beantown? Here's the answer to this burning question. Beans slow-baked in molasses have been a favorite Boston dish since colonial days, when the city was awash in molasses due to its rum-producing role in the "triangular trade. Even after slavery's end, Boston continued to be a big rum-producing city.

Boston has earned a lot of nicknames since its founding in , with one of the most quirky being Beantown. Back in the Colonial days, beans were essential to survival, and the preferred American way to serve these nourishing seeds was baked. In Boston, an international trading hub in the lates, citizens had ready access to molasses and salt pork to flavor their cuisine: The recipe for Boston Baked Beans was born. However, beans were a staple across all the colonies, so why did Boston gain the nickname Beantown? That can be traced back to a publicity stunt for an event called Old Home Week held on July 28 — August 3, Former Boston residents were encouraged to visit their old stomping grounds to celebrate the city, with advertisements featuring a typical Boston bean pot. In , the team that would become the Boston Braves was unofficially known as the Boston Beaneaters — a name that stuck until

Boston's Not Called Beantown for Nothing!

Cities, just like people, sometimes get nicknames. These names might highlight an attribute people are fond of, or they may reflect something the city is famous for. When it comes to Boston, the town is actually known by a handful of different nicknames. Why is Boston called Beantown in the first place? It should be noted that not everyone enjoys the nickname Beantown. In informal polls and discussion groups, it is common to find Bostonians that are against this name.

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  1. Boston has many nicknames, inspired by various historical contexts. They include: The City: a Sailors and traders called it "Beantown" while the locals did not refer to their city by that nickname. Titletown: refers to Boston's historic dominance.

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