X men days of future present

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x men days of future present

X-Men: Days of Future Present by Chris Claremont

The sequel to one of the most acclaimed X-Men stories of all time... DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

A man from the future, desperately searching for the safety of his past, returns to those he once loved to save them from a future of tyranny and death. But in doing so he may have brought with him the greatest threat of all... the mutant killer Ahab.

Fantastic Four (1961) Annual 23
The New Mutants (1983) Annual 06
Uncanny X-Men (1963) Annual 14
X-Factor (1986) Annual 05
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Logan Wolverine Resets The Future Days Of Future Past 2014

But in early , the pop-culture landscape was different. And then you opened it up, and you were immersed.
Chris Claremont

X-Men: Days of Future Present

Jump to navigation. His mysterious arrival is a considerable surprise as he was killed in his native reality. Complicating matters is the mutant-hating Ahab, who hunts Franklin from his secret base between space and time and sends both Sentinels and Hounds against the heroes. The back-up story of Uncanny X-Men Annual 1st series 14 contains a story which takes place between pages 10 and 11 of the main story. Inside, they find everything resembles the old Baxter Building exactly as it was. They are soon confronted by past versions of the original Fantastic Four, who successfully capture the present-day heroes. The reason behind the mystery becomes clear with the arrival of an adult Franklin Richards.

X-men: Days of Future Present [Walter Simonson, Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson, Jackson Guice] on infosuba.org *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers .
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  1. At Xavier's School, Cable and the New Mutants are joined by X-Men leader Storm and her new.

  2. In the possible future seen in Days of Future Past saga, Franklin Richards (son love with Rachel Summers (daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey of the X-Men).

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