Oliver button is a sissy lesson

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oliver button is a sissy lesson

Oliver Button Is a Sissy by Tomie dePaola

Oliver likes to partake in activities that the other boys dont like to do. His parents decide that he needs to get some type of exercise, so Oliver decides that he wants to take dance classes. He really likes it, but the boys at school tease him for it; they tease him even more when some female classmates have to defend him. Someone even goes as far as writing OLIVER BUTTON IS A SISSY on a wall. He feels sad, but hears about a school talent show and decides to sign up. He performs, but he doesnt win. However, his family is very proud of him. He later sees that the words on the wall were changed to OLIVER BUTTON IS A STAR.

This realistic fiction has a great message against bullying and against placing others in gender roles. Granted, today, some of the activities that Oliver partakes in arent necessarily labeled as girl activities but children are still able to take away the underlying message of being accepting. What makes this story even more realistic is the fact that Oliver didnt meet acceptance upon winning the talent show; he actually didnt win the talent show at all. Its reassuring that his classmates still began looking at him in a better light even though he didnt get first place.

The diversity in the book is minimal in the book, but the message is there and prominent. The artwork goes with the story well even though it isnt overly engaging for the young reader. The story has a problem and a solution that is clear to the reader. Oliver remained strong even though he faced many obstacles and it eventually got better for him; this makes it fitting for elementary aged children to read. Conversation could revolve around telling students that theres no such thing as girl activities and boy activities, the detrimental nature of bullying, and the importance of being supportive of your peers.

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The Relatives Came

'Oliver Button Is a Sissy' by Tomie dePaola

Previous Entry Next Entry. A pencil and paper for each group. K-2 crayons and paper for each student. A president had been set that being mean to somone based on "color" was unacceptable. The teacher was able to build off the lesson because the students bought into it and were able to refer to it.

Hi Becky! I love Oliver Button too! Thanks for the inferring tips Kheila Two Friends In First. I love me some Tomie dePaola!

This lesson was taught in April. Students are drawing their background knowledge of argumentative essays. They are scouring the text for evidence to support one theme from a list of student generated themes culled from the text Oliver Button is a Sissy. Students come to this mini-lesson already familiar with the story Oliver Button is a Sissy. Today you will hear it again. As you listen your job is to listen for a theme in the story. Remember, a theme is a big idea of the story.

The story, based on the childhood experiences of Tomie dePaola, is a simple one. He likes to read, draw pictures, dress up in costumes, and sing and dance.
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