Theories about the death of edgar allan poe

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theories about the death of edgar allan poe

Midnight Dreary: The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe by John Evangelist Walsh

While traveling alone from Richmond, Virginia, to New York City, Poe disappeared for nearly a week. When seen again he was terribly drunk and nearly dead in Baltimore. In the hospital, four days later, after periods of raving delirium, he died. The immediate cause of death given was congestion of the brain. At first no one seriously doubted that Poe died from drunken debauchery. However, Poe adherents suggested many theories of a physical nature about precipitating causes but no one has seroiusly probed the mystery of the missing week . . . until now.
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It was raining in Baltimore on October 3, , but that didn't stop Joseph W. Walker, a compositor for the Baltimore Sun , from heading out to Gunner's Hall , a public house bustling with activity.
John Evangelist Walsh

Edgar Allan Poe’s Death as Mysterious as His Stories

I promised Melville I would visit regularly but, alas, the pleasures and travails of life in the big city kept me away, and I never returned. No such petty distraction kept away a friend-across-the-ages of another 19th-century American author. Most of you have probably heard some version of the story. Most people assume that Poe drank himself to death. So what happened?

Wikimedia Commons Edgar Allan Poe. The year is A man is found delirious on the streets of a city in which he does not live, wearing clothes that are not his own, incapable or unwilling to discuss the circumstances under which he arrived. Within days he is dead, having suffered from crippling hallucinations in his final hours, repeatedly calling out for a man whom no one knew. Six days before he died and not long before he was to be married, Edgar Allan Poe disappeared. He had left his home in Richmond, Virginia, on September 27, , bound for Philadelphia to edit a collection of poems for a friend. On Oct.

After his young wife, Virginia, got tuberculosis in and died five years later, the already hard-drinking Poe apparently dove deeper into the bottle. In the late summer of , he was in Richmond, Virginia, where he proposed to an old sweetheart, Elmira Shelton. On September 27, , Poe left Richmond, supposedly bound for Philadelphia. The details of his actions and whereabouts over the next few days remain uncertain, but on October 3, a passer-by noticed Poe slumped near an Irish pub in Baltimore, Maryland. Joseph Snodgrass arrived, he found the year-old writer in what he assumed was a highly drunken state, wearing cheap, ill-fitting clothes very different from his usual mode of dress. Aside from alcoholism, historians and biographers have suggested alternative causes of death ranging from lesions on the brain, epilepsy and tuberculosis to cholera, syphilis and even rabies. The victims were drugged, disguised and forced to vote over and over at different polling places for the chosen candidates, then left for dead.

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In the end we must accept that the few tantalizing facts we have lead to no certain conclusion. It is easy to find ourselves reviewing the stories again in hopes of finding something new, to settle the question once and for all.

The death of Edgar Allan Poe on October 7, , has remained mysterious, the circumstances leading up to it are uncertain and the cause of death is disputed. On October 3, the American author was found delirious in Baltimore, Maryland , "in great distress, and He was 40 years old. Poe was never coherent enough to explain how he came to be in this condition. Much of the extant information about the last few days of Poe's life comes from his attending physician , Dr. John Joseph Moran, though his credibility is questionable. The newer monument also marks the burial place of Poe's wife, Virginia , and his mother-in-law, Maria.

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  1. Introduction : In this article, Duncan Kuehn describes the puzzling circumstances surrounding the death of writer Edgar Allan Poe, a real-life story as mysterious and macabre as any tale or poem he ever wrote.

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