Quotes about hitting a woman

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quotes about hitting a woman

Violence Against Women Quotes (109 quotes)

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Published 30.12.2018


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Woman Hitting Man Quotes

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Any man who raises his hand against a woman is a contemptible coward who deserves to be derided and reviled in equal measure. For too long allowances have been made for violent men who claim to have been provoked, affected by drugs or alcohol or suffering from a mental illness. There are no marches through the streets for the many women killed at the hands of their partner or ex-partner. The outpouring of public grief and concern is often lacking for the dozens of women who are killed every year — often after years of being brutalised — by a violent partner. That is partly due to an attitude still prevalent among many that deems these women are somehow complicit in the abuse they suffer because they choose to stay. Women facing physical and emotional abuse, and you can be sure the latter accompanies the former, are often not in a position to think clearly and rationally and simply extract themselves from their predicament.

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  2. Discover ideas about Coward Quotes. Been there, done that - have the t-shirt and the scars. I RESPECT men who value women - like, honestly - my current.

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